Dark Mornings

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Writing Runway

4 am. It was 4 am as I was forced out of bed. But, of course, that was normal. The life of a teenage spy was not ordinary. And yet here I was, Leanna Hays, far from ordinary. With a height of 5’ 4”, I wasn’t that tall. It was about my attitude and demeanor. Even in the middle of the night, my chestnut hair was flawlessly pulled back into a ponytail. My blue eyes sparked with energy.  I stomped down my stairs to see Mark standing there. Mark acted as my father. He wasn’t, but I always gave him that place in my life. He had adopted me when I was ten years old. He had taken a lost, afraid little girl who had lost her mother into his shelter and toughened her up. He had built me into the strong, independent girl I am now. Mark looked up…

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Have ever published a post and received just likes? You may have gotten 20 likes but only 4 views. I have been in this situation many times! Some of the other wonderful bloggers might have too. I just want to get a message across. Read the post. Then, type a few meaningful words in the comments section. Your few seconds worth of typing may make a persons day! But, never like a persons post without reading it. Always, always like, comment, or even reblog!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, does a rose mean I love you?

A story of love. A story of faith. A story of a rose. An original myth written by Free Writer on How roses came to be

Writing Runway

Long, long ago, before the first Thanksgiving, before the Columbus sailed to the new world, there lived a husband and wife. The husband, Excloron, loved his wife, Rosonia, more than himself. The love between them was so true, loyal, and immense, that the love goddess, Aphrodite, blessed them herself.  Now, at this time, legends about Greek Gods and their myths just started spreading. The couple worshipped the Gods and Goddesses and believed in all the stories. Anything this family ever desired for: fame, wealth, happiness, children, everything was theirs. This family was sweet, selfless, and modest. But, one good deed fetched bad luck knocking at their door. Their story of bad luck gave us some good luck.

One happy, blossoming day, a stressed man was walking past a huge, glistening mansion. Looking at it, he thought, “I think I should rest here for a while.” So, he trudged up the…

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A Drakon’s Day

One story from my other blog!

Writing Runway

After Ulysses reluctantly raised the ships sails, the damaged boat sailed out and above of the Underworld. The moonlight glowed directing them through the ferocious churning waters. Ulysses was tired. Tired of running away from dangers. He had not seen his wife and young child for over 15 years. He was now an old man. He deserved peace and reast. This war had created a wall between himself and his old life. All he wanted was to see his rich land, beautiful wife, and growing son again. But, mighty Poseidon, God of the sea, wanted revenge. Ulysses had paid for his mistake way too many times. It was time he sailed directly home. Shaking out of his thoughts, Ulysses observed the waters. On the crew’s right, a shipwrecked ship came into view. “Sire, we shall sail safely through this or we will end up like that.” Eurylochus, Ulysses’ right-hand man…

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What are you thinking? 5 ways to Stop Negative Thinking

Perfectly True! Get rid of the negatives and the positives will come rushing into your life!

Be Inspired..!!

Seriously, what are you thinking about right now? Because whatever you are thinking is becoming your reality, present and future. If you are thinking about the argument you had with your spouse last night, then more of that is what you are bringing upon yourself. If you are thinking about that dream job that you want, the dream job is what you are attracting. Sounds simple??!! Well “it is” and “it isn’t” at the same time. And in a way, I am glad we aren’t magicians, that just with a swish of a wand or nose twitch (like in Bewitched!!, a 70’s TV Show), our thoughts do not become a reality as soon as they pop up in our hyperactive mind.

Before we move forward, I would request you all to keep your “Rational, Intellectual mind which analyses everything to death” outside, for this one time. Can you?……Thank you!…

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Success! How to Achieve Anything!

“Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude.”

Do you want to do something? Do you want to reach the top of the mountain? No matter where you are. South pole or north pole. No matter who you are. No matter what age you are. Human nature wants to achieve something every step of the way. SUCCESS! That one word makes an extraordinary feeling in a persons heart. But how do you get it?

The major key is attidude. You need a voice inside your head saying, “I can do this! I will do this!” That will make you easily achieve what you want! Aptitude is important, too. But it only helps a little. 1%… Your skill and talent only play a small part in the success. To achieve success, you need a positive attitude. Its all in your head. So remember, Success depends on your attitude. And very little on your aptitude. You can do anything. All you need is a positive perspective…

Are You REALLY Shaking It Off Like Taylor Swift? Why You Should…

Very inspiring! This post made my eyes open towards some songs!


By now you probably know the hit song by Taylor Swift, “Shake It Off.” Maybe you even sing it as loud as you can in the shower and use your shampoo as a microphone. (Not that I do that or anything…) But my question is, in your own life- are you really shaking it off? Are you shaking it off like Taylor and “letting it go” like Elsa? Are you the Disney diva/hero or pop star of your own life?

I hope you are. My shaking it off is more of a work in progress, to be honest. It’s like I want to be a “shake” but right now I’m “partially melted ice cream” or something. Sometimes I shake it off totally, sometimes I half shake it off, and sometimes I just hold that crap in. :-/ As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve realized the consequences of holding it in…

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The Last One Standing: Part One

A little bit of literature… Read it!

Writing Runway

My Beloved Ghosts……Megan Smith’s Beloved Ghosts…… all sitting next to me. The ghosts weren’t scary, they were just sad. The whole pavilion, even worse, the whole Underworld (Greek god, Hades’ kingdom where deceased go after death) seemed to cry. All our life’s good and bad were about to be judged in the Judgment Pavilion (a place in the Underworld where the dead go to be judged on what location to be sent to in the Underworld). It all depended on three people. I could remember their faces from my history book. Thomas Jefferson, King Minos (a mean, treacherous, and greedy king who deceived the gods), and William Shakespeare all decided the future of the dead.

 I tried to remember what my Greek Mythology Teacher, Mr. Chase, said about the Land of the Dead, the Underworld. There were three ways you could live your afterlife. I looked to the left. If…

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